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Chisholm Trail District

Dickinson County 4-H Forms & Applications

Livestock Tagging/Animal Identification Information

Beef Tagging Letter 2024

Sheep & Meat Goat Tagging Letter 2024

Swine Tagging Letter 2024

Bucket Calf Letter to Participants 2024

Recording Tips and Guidelines

Tips for Recording 4-H Presentations

How to Upload Your Video to YouTube

Best Practice Club Meeting Guidelines

Zoom Resources for 4-H Club Meetings

Using Zoom for 4-H Meetings

4-H Meetings via Zoom - Volunteer Guide

4-H Club Meeting Zoom Slides

Dickinson County 4-H Foundation Event Scholarships

Event Scholarship Application

Leaders in Training Scholarship Application

Dickinson County 4-H Foundation Club Community Service Grants

Grant Application DUE DECMBER 1

Project Identification Forms

Bucket Calf Identification Form    

Horse Identification Form

Kansas 4-H Woodworking Plans

Achievement Pin Applications 

NOTE:  These are county specific.

Membership       Membership Fill-able

Bronze       Bronze Fill-able

Clover        Clover Fill-able

Emerald     Emerald Fill-able

Silver         Silver Fill-able

Silver Guard        Silver Guard Fill-able

Junior Leader       Junior Leader Fill-able

Gold           Gold Fill-able

Gold Guard          Gold Guard Fill-able

Key Award

Club Leader Resources

End of Year/Beginning of New 4-H Year Docs & Links

Kansas 4-H Club Corner

Officer Training Resources

Dickinson County 4-H Council

4-H Council Officer Application - due September 1

Welcoming New Families

Record Books and Award Applications

Record book cover sheet

Setting 4-H Project Goals

Link to Record Keeping and Project Report Forms:

  • Personal Information Page
  • Permanent Record
  • Junior, Intermediate, and Senior General and Animal Project Report Forms


  • The General Project Report Forms are to be used for the pets and dog care & training projects.  All other animal projects are to use the Animal Project Report Forms.  
  • Project Report Forms are available in both PDF and through ZBooks online.  Follow instructions on the Kansas 4-H page (linked above).

Alternate Forms for Project Completion:

Chisholm Trail District 4-H Awards and Recognition

Age Divisions

• Three age divisions: junior (7-9 years), intermediate (10-13 years), and senior (14+ years)

• Junior and intermediate division will be judged by the county awards and recognition committee.  Dickinson County senior division will be judged by Marion County, Marion County senior division will be judged by Dickinson County.  

• Those 13 year olds who will be 14 for the next 4-H year may choose to participate in the senior division, but must use the 14 years+ form

Forms and Scoring

• 4-Hers are to use the Project Report form that is designed for their age group (7-9 year olds, 10 -13 year olds, and 14+ years) and project area (general or animal).

·         The Simplified Kansas 4-H Record form may be used for project completion related to Achievement Pin requirements, but will not be judged.  

• Organizational leaders will submit records for judging and indicate those projects that are to be evaluated.

• All submitted project records will be scored on the Danish system (purple, blue, red, white) utilizing the Kansas 4-H Project Report Evaluation Score Sheet. Those receiving purples or blues in each project will be ranked. 

·         In Dickinson County, medals will be awarded to the top ranked equal to 10% of the number of youth in the project, in that age division. Ribbons will be awarded to those receiving blues or purples who do not receive a medal.  

·         In Marion County, medals will be awarded to the top ranked equal to 10% of the number of youth in the project, in that age division. Ribbons will be awarded to those receiving blues or purples who do not receive a medal.  

• The top book in each project from the senior division in each county will be eligible to advance to area screening.  The top two books in a project area from a single county will advance if there is not a senior book available from the other county.  

• Bucket calf is only available in the junior and intermediate divisions

Record Book Organization

  • Dickinson County records will be organized in one book with tabbed dividers:
    • Personal Information Page
    • Project Report Form(s) arranged alphabetically (simplified Kansas 4-H record may be included for those projects not being judged)
    • Permanent Record
  • Marion County records will be organized in individual folders by single projects:
    • Personal Information Page
    • Project Report Form
    • Permanent Record (if new to the permanent record, begin with the current 4-H year, do not recreate past 4-H years)
  • Contact Jill Martinson, 4-H Youth Development Agent, with questions at 785-263-2001 or martinso@ksu.edu

Scholarship Applications

Kansas 4-H and Vanier 4-H Scholarships (due March 1)

Dickinson County 4-H Scholarships (due April 1)

Sand Springs Rustlers Scholarship Application (due April 1)

Ralph Dietrich Memorial Scholarship (due March 1)

Ethel Startzman Memorial Agriculture Scholarship (due April 1)

AFA Scholarship Information (due March 9)

Konley Harding Memorial Scholarship (due on or before May 10)

Mary Hoffman Memorial Scholarship (due April 1)