Bartlett Pear, Dwarf

Bartlett pears are favored for their sweet taste and fragrance. They are also lovely to look at, with the classic pear shape, and hints of red behind the deep yellow skin. Pair the fresh fruit with cheese and wine for a tantalizing appetizer or with meats and sausages for a charcuterie.These pears are also preferred for canning because of the ability of the fruit to hold its shape and retain its sweet flavor. Chefs and home cooks enjoy the firm quality of the pear, using it for baking desserts, such as crisps and pies. It is a valuable addition to savory dishes, including stuffings and roasted meats.

Bartlett Pear

Mature Size: 8-10'
Spacing: 8-10'
Bloom Time: Early - Mid
Ripens/Harvest: Late August
Shade/Sun: Full Sun
Taste: Spicy
Years to Bear: 4-6
Zone Range: 5-8
Pollination: Cross-pollinaiton by a different variety