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Chisholm Trail District

Chisholm Trail Livestock Judging Camp

We will be hosting two upcoming livestock judging 4-H camps next month for all Chisholm Trail District 4-Hers interested in Livestock!

Junior Livestock Camp

Who: CTD 4-Hers' ages 7-12

When: June 3, 2024 from 9 AM - 3 PM

Where: Tri-County Fairgrounds, Herington, KS

Topics Covered: Livestock Terminology/Vocabulary, Tool/Feedstuff & Breed Identification, Type Demonstration, Livestock Evaluation, Bone/Muscle & Part Identification, Livestock Judging & Oral Reasons

****Any CTD Livestock Project 4-H member Ages 13+ who is interested in helping with the Junior Camp please fill out on registration form or contact either extension office.****

Senior Livestock Camp

Who: CTD 4-Her ages 13+

When: June 10, 2024 from 9 AM - 3 PM

Where: Tri -County Fairgrounds, Herington, KS

Topics Covered: Livestock Terminology/Vocabulary, Type Demonstration, Livestock Evaluation, Livestock Judging & Oral Reasons

For both camps youth are asked to bring their own sack lunch and water bottle. Snacks and Water will be provided during scheduled breaks.

Register by May 30th

Friends of 4-H Picnic

When: July 9th, 2024 at 6:30 P.M.

Where: Sterl Hall (Abilene, Ks), Abilene City Pool to follow

Who: Friends of Dickinson County 4-H

Tri-County Fair

When: Thursday, July 11th - Saturday, July 13

Marion County Fair

When: Saturday, July 20th - Saturday, July 27th

Central Kansas Free Fair (100th Celebration)

When: Tuesday, July 30th - Monday, August 5th

Statewide Spring Livestock Shows

Upcoming spring livestock shows throughout the state of Kansas.

Rock Springs Ranch - Summer Camp

Video Credits: Conner Rose, Dickinson County 4-H Alumni

Every year, thousands of young campers come to Rock Springs Ranch. They unplug, explore, play and learn the kinds of lessons that can last a lifetime. Campers grow socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Many make friends for life. It’s also just plain FUN!

The values of 4-H are at the core of Rock Springs Ranch and they guide all of our programming. We believe the lessons learned here can create a foundation for success that will last far beyond their visit. But you don’t have to be a 4-H member to come to camp at Rock Springs! Everyone is welcome, regardless of 4-H membership! 

Listed below are available dates for campers. Please visit Sessions & Rates - Rock Springs Ranch 4H Camp for more information including pricing. Thanks to the Dickinson County 4-H Foundation, scholarships are available for all Dickinson County youth interested in going to camp. Scholarships are available for all Marion County 4-Her's, please contact the Marion office to find out more.

Dickinson County 4-H Youth Camp Scholarship

Dickinson County Non-4-H Youth Camp Scholarship

Overnight Camp - Rising 3rd - 12th Graders
3 Nights SessionsSession 1: June 2-5 (Sun. - Wed.)
 Session 2: June 5-8 (Wed. - Sat.)
 Session 4: June 16-19 (Sun. - Wed.)
 Session 5: June 19-22 (Wed. - Sat.)
 Session 7: June 30-July 3 (Wed. - Sat.)
5 Nights SessionsSession 3: June 9-14 (Sun. - Fri.)
 Session 6: June 23-28 (Sun. - Fri.)
 Session 8: July 7-12 (Sun. - Fri.)
Mini Camp - Rising 1st - 3rd Graders
2 NightsMini Camp: July 14-16 (Sun.-Tues.)


Leaders in Training (LIT) - Rising 10th - 11th Graders
5 NightsSession 1: June 9-14 (Sun. - Fri.)
 Session 2: June 23-28 (Sun. - Fri.)
Counselors in Training (CIT) - Rising 12th Graders
5 NightsSession 1: June 9-14 (Sun. - Fri.)
 Session 2: June 23-28 (Sun. - Fri.)
 Session 3: July 7-12 (Sun. - Fri.)

Chisholm Trail District 4-H Club Officer Training

Unable to attend in-person?  Complete the Officer Training Scavenger Hunt Worksheet  and submit to mkanguiano@ksu.edu