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Chisholm Trail District

Family Resource Management and Aging

K-State Research and Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Programs transform lives through linking research and evidence based education with life experiences to help people improve their lives, their families, and their communities. Personal, family and community well being is dependent upon many kinds of knowledge and skills which are intertwined and inseparable. We provide a broad base of expertise to help solve complicated problems by teaching these essential living skills: Healthy Relationships, Healthy Living Choices, Financial Well Being, Strong Leaders, and Strong Communities.



Renae Riedy

Family Resource Management Agent

Renae Riedy is a Family and Consumer Science agent in the Dickinson County Office, with special interests in Aging, Wellness and Personal Finance. As a graduate of Kansas State University, she holds a degree in General Human Ecology and began her extension career in October 2014 in Marion County. Prior to extension, Renae worked in the early childhood field for several years. Renae and her husband live on a farm in Southern Dickinson County where they raise crops, beef, and their four children. Her family’s main interests are sports, firefighting, and agriculture.



Department of Child and Family (DCF)