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Chisholm Trail District

Adult Development and Aging

Dickinson CountySince the dissolution of the Dickinson County Department on Aging, the Abilene office of the Chisholm Trail Extension District has taken on many of the programs and responsibilities related to seniors living in Dickinson County. Please reach out to Renae; 785-263-2001, for any questions regarding senior services we may provide.

Marion County - Please contact Gayla Ratzlaff; 620-382-3580, of the Marion County Department on Aging for programs and services available in Marion County.


Renae Riedy: Financial Resource Management Agent 

Contact: 785-263-2001 ext. 3

712 S. Buckeye Avenue
Abilene, KS 67410

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

Current Class Information

SSSH is an evidenced based eight-week program for older adults that meets the recommendation for healthy muscle strength. The program's goal is to improve health and quality of life. The program will be held periodically throughout the year.

Caregiver Guide - Dickinson County

We have a curated list of available caregivers within Dickinson County. Each caregiver on the list has been through a background check. Please call 785-263-2001 to request a Caregiver guide. Guide can be emailed or mailed!

Long-Term Care Resources