Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks - Senior Division

All videos embedded or listed below are shared with permission from the 4-H'er involved.

Tucker S - "Out of This World Spray Paint Art" - Top Purple

Renatta H - "Pocket Prayer Quilts" - Alternate Purple

Carson W - "Rockets Big and Small" - Third Purple

Adam S - "How Does Your Garden Grow?" - Purple

Callie J - "Tasty Dog Treats" - Purple

Alice B - "Whiteflies in Greenhouses and Gardens" - Purple

Haily R - "How to Make A Cozy Knit Blanket" - Purple

Carter R - "Homemade Firestarter" - Purple

Chase S - "Extraction Process of Honey" - Purple

Kyle R - "The Rosary" - Blue

Jensen W - "Agriculture in the 50s" - Blue

Zander E - "Photography Speech 2021" - Blue

Allison A - "Hemp in Today's Agriculture" - Blue

Teagan S - "Pixel Perfect" - Blue

Eden B - "COVID-19 Impact on Agriculture" - Blue

Public Speaking - Senior Division

Joy C - "The Group of Citizens Most Affected by the Pandemic" - Top Purple

Amara J - "The Cows Have Gone Mad" - Alternate Purple